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HIV is a virus damaging the immune system its transmitted through bodily fluids, semen, blood.

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus an estimated 26,000 people in Australia live with HIV, theres no cure.

A range of services and counselling is available through ACON, AIds Council of NSW.


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Safe is the way to paly use condoms.

You can take a pill to reduce your risk of HIV its called prep.

Never share needles or syringes.

Make sure tattoo equipment is sterile.

And under The Public Health Act 2010 a person with HIV or STI must inform a sexual Partner of his or her status.


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The main symptoms are tumors-gastro-pneumonia just to name a few.

Symptoms can be flu like or mild.

Where the glands can become affected.

People with HIV usually have no symptoms at all.


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Sores are very common-headache-rash-nausea-are signs HIV has progressed to Aids.


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Get tested early for HIV, if you get HIV you can go on medications to make you better.

From 1 Jul 2015 HIV treatment in Australia can be picked up from a pharmacy or chemist in NSW.

There is also a delivery online service also.

Antiretroviral drugs are effective in preventing further damage to the immune system.


You cannot get HIV/AIDS from touching-sharing plates or cups-sharing clothes-hugging or kissing-coughing or sneezing-mosquito bites